We are looking for motivated and outgoing individuals to join our promotional team. Promoting not only offers the opportunity to network and socialize at the trendiest venues in Manhattan, it also has the potential to be extremely financially rewarding. If you live in the New York metro area and have a talent for networking with people, this position would be a perfect fit for you.


We are looking to hire talented and extroverted individuals with a passion for photography to capture moments from our events. Responsibilities would include attending events, taking photographs, and distributing business cards with links to view the pictures.


We are looking to hire part-time college interns for the fall and full-time college interns for the summer. Preference will be giving to individuals with exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Interns are responsible for coordinating events, managing promoters, keeping track of tallies and payouts, marketing events, and sending out invites. We have both paid and college credit internship positions.

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